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Behrooz has been wonderful attending to our needs.

Has been always there for us, very patient, and he showed that he had our best interest at heart. Ready to use his knowledge and observations to our benefit. We are very happy with Behrooz!!!"

Helen Cameron

“Behrooz was an amazing agent.

He was well aware of my needs as a purchaser and supported me through every step of the way. An amazing agent and personality, I would recommend him to anybody looking to buy,sell or lease a property.”

Audrey Yan Qi Lee, Toronto

Professional, efficient and absolutely complied with my needs.

A big thank you to Behrooz!"

Sami Lesan Pezeshki

Behrooz is very a helpful agent.

He spent a lot of time helping me to find the most convenient choice. I would recommend him to anybody who is interested to find a new place in Toronto."

Xiaofeng Yan and Tianchun Liu

My agent was great, supportive, friendly and professional.

He was busy but always available to help and support. Behrooz always considers all details and he is not only a professional real estate agent but also a financial advisor for his clients! He helped us in a very critical situation and helped us to find a solution. I'm really happy with the services he provided us with! Thank you Behrooz.

Dr. G

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