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Star House Realtors is more about action than words and gimmicks! On here, realtor teams are trained to hustle vigorously. All deals made here are utterly win/win for parties. Your purchase or sale mark as fair trade, fully complied by ethics commissionaire in charge and boards of real estate across the province. Realtors, Buyers. Sellers, and lenders are treated with respect and this brings 100% customer satisfaction and make up the base of 90% referral base business that Star House Realtors handle.

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2024 will see a flat to adjusted decrease in average sale prices, here's why

Hello all,In 2024 our economy will take a strong hit from what we know as a financial cycle's peak. Despite a few positive readings that are mostly north american driven, war-inflation driven, and

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 TORONTO, ONTARIO, FEBRUARY 10, 2023 – The second half of this year will see a gradual uptick in home sales and an increase in competition between buyers with a renewed upward

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What is the fee to sell your house, condo or land with a real estate salesperson to get the best price for your property?

In a few 4 Min read you will figure why It may cost you a whopping 7% or as little as 3.5% (1% fee for us and the rest for buyer agent). But lets look at it a bit deeper and explore how we

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Market is too hot that if I sell I may not be able to buy what I want. I am sure that you either think about this line, heard it before, or said it to someone at some point. This is an example of psychology of buyers. Complicated? Welcome to my world!

The importance of knowing the psychology of market and market sentiment is beyond imagination. And that is because we want to be in control and if things roll out the way we imagined or percieved to

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